About SmallQR

SmallQR is a free service to create QR Codes that are easier to scan.

SmallQR was created as an answer to the problem of QR codes being printed so small that they will not scan on many smart phones. This is because the QRs were printed so small that they can not be seen properly by the human eye never mind a phone's low resolution camera. This problem is exacerbated by most camera phones not being able to focus on something close up.

The solution is simple. Have less complex QRs. This is done using several techniques. First a URL redirection service is used to reduce the size of the QR. You can use third party URL shorteners through SmallQR, although our own shortener is specially designed to produce a smaller QR code. Second the optimum error correction is calculated to make the QR as resilient as possible without increasing it's size.

The QR code was developed by Denso Wave. The term "QR Code" is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated and used with permishion.